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Marine Blast - Anti-Foul & Rust Removal

Marine Blast specialises in the removal of Anti-foul from Racing Yachts to Commercial Vessels

A company which has without question become a leading Marine Industry coatings removal business in the UK. Having carried out extensive work with speed, precision and accuracy. Removal of rust, anti fouling, paint, varnish, grime, graffiti, oxidation and most other coatings. We remove from Fibre Glass(GRP), metals, plastics, wood and all types of stone.
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Marine Blast - Mobile Apps

If your Marine business or organisation wants to be connected with its customers - GET CONNECTED through one of our iphone / Andriod Apps before someone else does

Our apps will allow your company or organisation to display news, events, products, images, audio files and videos. Includes tell a friend, about us, contact information and Google Maps. Integrates Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Quicktime. Also allows you to Message your data base with up to the minute news or indusrty offers via txt. Launch in weeks! (including Apple Submission) Real time updates!
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Sailing & Boating News and Videos (fun stuff)

Sailing Stuff by Marine Blast was set up six years ago, just about the time You Tube were getting into gear. It's a collection of sailing video clips from around the world, for anyone who's interested in some action stuff. It also covers some sailing news from time to time, that Marine Blast finds interesting, or makes us think, or simply makes us laugh. Check it out, its just a bit of fun. 
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Fully Mobile Operation :: Call 07766116451 or e-mail for further details 

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